Home Away From Home For Your Pets.

Gentle music with calming sounds in use 24 hours a day 7days a week for your pet.

Some examples of sounds we use include. 

• Waterfalls         • Tropical Birds        • Oceans

Full Service Dog Grooming:

Hydro Surge Spa provided 6 days a week for departure, we also provide this service for non-boarding customers also.

We do not have a size or weight limit for grooming your dog.

Our doggie area has access doors to our safe controlled areas with covered runs.

Grooming includes:

*Nails* *Ears*  *Desheding Treatment*

*Therapeutic Massage Shampoo* *Scarf, Bow and Cologne*  

Cat Condominiums:

Bi-level Spacious Condos with a window view of all nature surroundings that include Humming and Bird feeders (etc).  

We also provide a pampering brush during your felines stay & playing with your feline available upon request.

All Indoor rooms are Central Air Controlled for your pets.

We guarantee complete professional care for your family member and know that our hearts are 100% devoted to your pets.